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Enter the playground for crypto traders

Signals aims to disrupt the cryptotrading industry by lowering the barrier to creating algorithmic trading models, even for users without any programming skills. Our mission is to open crypto trading to anyone by empowering users with smart tools for creating automated trading strategies. Signals is a playground for those who want to experiment with different trading models and machine learning techniques, as well as building and optimizing strategies and sharing them with others. After closing multiple fruitful partnerships, we have released an alpha version of Signals, which has already more than 19,000 registered users.


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Why should you trust in machine learning and not your gut?


Precision powered by data science

Backed by vast amounts of historical data and computational power, machines can make precise and complex decisions, assimilating many variables.


How we want to
revolutionize crypto trading


No programming skills needed

Anyone can use the Signals visual strategy builder. Just pick and combine indicators, ranging from traditional technical analysis to deep learning or sentiment analysis based on media monitoring.


Decentralized supercomputer power

We're building the Signals Platform upon other successful blockchain services which create new possibilities for cryptocurrency trading. By integrating decentralized supercomputers, we will be able to process big data computations in reasonable time while still making it affordable for common users.


Crowd sourced wisdom

The Signals Platform gives you a chance to use indicators driven by main blockchain-based prediction market platforms, which generate powerful trading strategies augmented by crowd sourced wisdom.


How does Signals work?

Build algotrading models with no programming skills

No knowledge of machine learning is required for using the Signals model builder. Just choose from a variety of indicators, ranging from traditional technical analysis to deep learning or sentiment analysis based on media monitoring and combine them together.

If you do happen to be a developer or a data scientist, you can develop new trading indicators from scratch and monetize your data science skills through the Signals Indicator Marketplace.


Train your model before spending any money

Connect your model to a crypto exchange and backtest it with historical data in the Signals training center. Use our optimization algorithms and supportive analytics to find the best settings for your selected strategy.

Exploit our computational power connected to the decentralized super-computer or optimize the model on your own device with the use of Signals desktop application.


Use your trading model to generate profit

Once you're confident about your trading model, use it on real-time data to make informed trading decisions. It’s up to you if you want to automate your trading or just get notified about trading opportunities.

Make your strategy adaptive by using our data science algorithm toolset. Your strategy will be constantly re-learning its settings to maximize profit based on new trends in the market.


Share and monetize your trading strategy

Place your brand new trading model into the Signals Marketplace so that anyone can pay you to copy trade your successful strategy.

You can also discover and copy trade the most successful strategies in the Signals community and chat with others about your ideas and trading progress.



We have over 20 machine learning, blockchain and trading experts together with developers and growth hackers experienced with enterprise solutions. Here are the nine core members:


Pavel Němec

CEO & Co-founder
Experienced algorithmic crypto trader and a machine learning evangelist.

"Since Signals enables monetizing machine learning algorithms, it will accelerate the process of research and democratization of machine intelligence."

Pavel Volek

CTO & Co-founder
Software architect, UX designer, and front-end developer.

"I always wanted to solve big UX challenges. Making sense of cryptotrading for everyone is definitely a big one."

Jan Budík

Algorithmic Trading Expert
Ph.D. in algorithmic trading & 10 years of currency and commodity trading.

"I’m focusing on the logic behind the combination of analysis tools, neural networks and genetic algorithms for optimization."


Zdeňka Šeděnka

Data Scientist
Data scientist with experience from industry and a machine learning research project funded by DARPA.

"Signals will help traders focus on their strategies on a high level, rather than on debugging their code and spending weeks implementing basic features."

Michal Krajňanský

Machine Learning Specialist
Specialist on Semantic Technologies, AI and Natural Language Processing.

"Machine learning helps traders fight emotions and cognitive biases. Combinations of ML methods allow for achieving state-of-the-art results."

Josef Jelacic

Smart Contract Developer
Crypto enthusiast and Prague Ethereum community organizer.

"Always wanted to have a trading bot with more features but never had the time to build a solution beyond basic python technical analysis tracker."


Matouš Roskovec

Head of Growth Marketing
Content Creative Lead & 500 Startups Alumni.

"I thought explaining our product might be difficult. After pitching it to several crypto traders I heard a resounding: Finally!"

Jaroslav Šeděnka

Cryptography and Security Expert
Cryptographic researcher and mathematician with academic and industry experience.

"Signals will significantly lower the barrier to starting algorithmic trading by removing the large upfront investments into development and infrastructure."

Martin Solárik

Backend Developer
.NET developer with financial systems development experience.

"The architecture of our back-end system is Signals integral part and a must for growth."


Our Advisors


Gabriel Zanko

Fin-Tech Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur focused on machine learning and AI in fin-tech space.

Philip Staehelin

Entrepreneur and Investor
Former CEO of $500m company and Managing Partner of Roland Berger, and accelerator co-owner.

Milan Pašek

Founder & CEO @ Quantasoft
Expert in AI, biometric systems, and computer vision.

Benn Godenzi

Blockchain Entrepreneur
Director of Marketing for Aion, STK Token, and CryptoCurve.

Martin Drdul

Fin-Tech Investor
Angel investor with a focus on AI and fin-tech.

Samuel McCulloch

Head of ICO Advisory & Investment for The Coin Lab.

Our Partners


Partnering with iExec, blockchain-based cloud computing platform, will enable to solve complex computational problems in reasonable time while still making things affordable for users.

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Collaborating with Foxconn’s SafeDX data center will provide Signals users with absolute excellence on the market in terms of big data storing, scaling and the speed of processing.

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Integrating STOX as crowd wisdom indicators will enable traders to assemble hybrid trading models combining machine learning techniques together with crowdsourced opinions.

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